Lessons Leaned at the Chicago Triathlon

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where to start? Let's begin by saying I learned a lot at this race.

Items to note for my next race:
1. My open water swim needs work, specifically the start in a crowd.
2. Pull the leg of my wetsuit over my chip to keep it from getting pulled off.
3. Make sure my chip is still on before leaving the transition area.
4. In the event of a 'mistake' just remember why I am there and what I put in to get there.

I had an awesome time. It's crazy how big this event is. I had some issues with my timing chip, so I only have a few of my splits available and a total time of 2:48:04.

I'll post my race report and some pics soon.

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Congrats!! Yeah, Chicago gets nuts for this Tri. They were all out warming up on the lakefront the day before while us marathoners were running--fun to see you all.

Glad you had an awesome time...looking forward to the full report.

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