25 Days until Chicago Tri!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Chicago Triathlon is less than a month away. July flew by with buying/settling into the new house as well as being sick for about a week, so training was a bust. Even with all of that I think I am ready. The swim is my worst event, but hopefully the water temp is below 78 and I can wear my wetsuit. The cutoff to place in Age Groupers is 78 degrees, but you can wear one up to 84 degrees and the penalty is no prizes or awards. Given that it is highly unlikely that I will be even close to the tops in my age division, I may wear it if it is below 84, but that will be a decision I make in the next few weeks based on how my swim workouts go. I am confident on the bike, not fast, but confident. Under the right conditions I can average 20 mph, which would be my goal for the course. The run is where I am the least worried. After running the 30 mile trail run back in April, I know that I can push through just about anything.

This is my first Olympic distance triathlon (swim - 1500m, bike - 26.2, run - 10k) and the main goal is to run a smart race and do my best. My secondary goal is to finish at the 3 hour mark. If I can hit 40 minutes in the swim, 1:20 on the bike that leaves me an hour to get through my 10K. I have to take the transitions into account, but this is completely possible. Keep your fingers crossed!

-Keep Moving Forward

Posted by Travis at 6:03 PM  


I think you're gonna do awesome! Your swims have really been coming along, you just need to get into a good head space because that's going to be a crowded swim! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it and I'm guessing that you'll completely blow away all of your expectation!!!

BTW- lovin the new profile shot.

Jenn said...
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All you need to do Travis is get really pumped, and you'll do fine. I've seen you really pumped. I know what you're capable of. You can do it. If you can overcome Glade poisoning by a close friend, you can overcome anything.

Good luck.

John said...
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