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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I've completed my first full season as a endurance athlete "type". I've ran a 30 mile trail race, competed in a sprint distance and a international distance triathlon, achieved a 10k goal I set for myself over a year ago and ran a marathon. It may not sound like much, but coming from virtually no aerobic activity 20 months ago to where I am now makes me really happy. Not only does it make me happy, but it makes me think "what will I be able to do this year?" With that question in mind I decided I better get down in writing what the next steps are for me.

Through all of my training, running holds the #1 spot for me. I will be actively perusing the ultra distance events from here on out. Mainly 50 milers, but I’m keeping an eye on the 100's down the road. Most of this reasoning comes from building up my base to be ready for a race of that distance/time...yet. I will be trying for a spot at the WS100 in 2008.

I am going to be spending the next 6 months concentrating on building myself up for the McNaughton Trail 50 mile run I ran the 30 there last year and was undertrained for the hills. I finished pretty well for a newbie but know I can do better this year with some real concentration on hill work and overall increase in endurance.

First up on the schedule is the Dude, Where's the Trail 50K on Nov. 26th. This is a 50k fun run in Blue Springs, MO. My 20 year old cousin is getting into ultra running and we are going to run together, not as a team, just for the support and the fun of it. No real details as I don't know them and won't until I show up for the run, hence the "where's the trail" name!! I do not have any scheduled races after that for 2006, but will continue training hard. I will be joining the SLUGS and hopefully meeting some great people and finding out about some good routes in the St. Louis area. McNaughton 50 miler is April 13th,(it's also got a 150 miler, so anyone out there looking to get some really long distance in, check it out) then my friend Howard wants to run the JFK 50 in mid November for his 50th birthday and has asked me to join him and I gladly accepted.

I guess that sums up what I've got going on the next year. There will of course be additions, but those are the top line items. Thanks for checking in! I'll be updating with my training plans, mileage and pictures along the way. Now go outside and enjoy it!!

-Keep moving forward

Posted by Travis at 11:00 AM  


Did you see that they just came out with Ironman Kentucky for next year..always something!!

Shelley said...
1:47 PM  

Love your plan. I'll be watching closely--as I'm coming up right behind ya!

(hmm--JFK 50 for one's 50th--mine is in Dec '07--food for thought!!)

Lora said...
5:52 AM  

You don't give yourself near enough credit when you describe the past year's accomplishments as "it may not sound like much." You've come a long way, and you have a lot of greatness ahead of you!!

As for WS100 in 2008 - if you qualify to run it - I'll be there camping out, cheering you on and keeping Miceala company!! Looking forward to seeing you go after your goals!!

Jenn said...
8:00 PM  

Congratulations on a very successful season!! Yee-ha...2008 Western States bound!! That's my ultra goal too...maybe I'll see you there, the only problem is even if we qualify we still have to enter a lottery, o-well it's worth the shot! I'm looking forward to following your progress!
Happy trails

Ryan said...
11:38 AM  

I LOVE reading up on plans:) Great thinking, you go, man!

olga said...
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