ABC News: Research: Humans Are Born to Run

Monday, October 30, 2006

 This is a bit old, but worth a read..... 

Link to ABC News: Research: Humans Are Born to Run

Posted by Travis at 1:33 PM  


Thanks for posting this link - I always have people telling me how bad runninh is for me - especially since I've been injured!! This is great!!

Reen said...
10:14 AM  

Good luck at "Dude, Where's The Trail?"
I thought about doing it this year but decided on a couple of "fun runs" instead--maybe next year.

Gregg Lynn said...
4:58 PM  

Good luck at Dude. I'll be there, also.

Ben, aka BadBen said...
3:14 PM  

Hope training is going well for ya. Thanks for support. That's wild that McNaughton will be hosting a 150 mile trail run this year! Keep moving forward!

Ryan said...
10:04 PM  

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