A good month...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This last week of training has been good. My mileage is adding up and I should have one of my top total milage months to date. My base is far better then it was a year ago, which is expected, but looking back at logs from this time last year, I'm at a good spot especially this early in my training.

I found another nice off-road trail off of one of the paved trails I usually run on. Its about 1.5 miles long with some rolling hills and a few climbs. I ran up on a Cyote who had just caught a mole. We were both super suprised to see each other and quickly went our seperate dictions. I also ran across a HUGE groundhog who seemed interested in what I was doing and then 3 deer who ran across the path about 20 feet in front of me. Running places where I can see things like that make me want to get out there more. It's way more exciting then seeing car after car drive by.

Now on to the best part... I had to work on Saturday in Omaha, NE. I was doing a presentation on Windows Vista for a partner company and I had some pictures of me running and some of the blogs I read up on the screen (picture below). Someone asked if I did triathlon and ran. I said yes and a few other questions got asked about it and I moved on. Then yesterday I saw one of the guys from the presentation on Saturday. He came up to me and said that he had not run in years and after talking to me a seeing what I was doing, he decided to go out and get a few miles in. Man was I pumped to hear that!!! It was just a great feeling to know that my "silly little addiction" can make an effect like that. I'm going to be high on that comment for a while.

-Keep Moving Forward

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I agree running thru woods is so much more enjoyable than running on roads and fighting traffic! I like that slide shot...the layout looks cool and you have some great blogs up there = ). Way to go motivating other's to run is very rewarding! Hey so it looks like we have a small group of folks aiming for the 2008 WS100!! It will be fun to follow everyone!!

Ryan said...
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you're an inspiration to many!!

glad to hear you found some nice places to run, I'm going to have to start over when I get to Denver, and I'm guessing it's going to be a lot of pavement since I'll be city bound :( Not a lot of coyotes in the concrete jungle

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