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Monday, May 07, 2007

How about that new banner? I made it myself, can you tell? Or did a hire a 6 year old to do it? You'll never know...

Ice Age 50 is almost here. This will be my 2nd 50 miler. I'm pretty excited. To put it in technical terms, I am ultra, mega pumped. Looking at the times it seems like it is a faster course then McNaughton. Though there could just be more high caliber folks running it, especially when there are about 3 times as many signed up. I'm going to make the assumption that it is a faster course and try to throw down a good time. That is not a dig on anyone that has run McNaughton or Ice Age, just something I am going to use for my mental game.

I will be taking a bit more aggressive approach to this course. I've got a few 50k's and the one 50 mile under my belt, all with negative splits for my last lap (loop courses) so I've been holding back a bit. It is time to see what I am made of and quit holding back so much. If I blow up, so be it. I'm not going to walk away wondering what I could have done.

Until next time.

Posted by Travis at 5:10 PM  


Hi Travis, Ice Age, in my opinion, is easier than McNaughton. For 50 milers I've run Ice Age, Voyaguer and Superior. Ice Age is the easiest cours of the three. There are hills, but they aren't the relentless ones of McNaughton. They are here and there. There are nice open grassy fields to run in, with nice rolling hills, not the steep stuff at McNaughton. There is a beautiful pine tree area we go through that is just spectacular. If the course is dry, it's fast. Of course, it could be the muddy messy race that it was a few years ago. I hope not. See you there!!

Julie B said...
5:33 PM  

thanks Julie!! See you in a few.

Travis said...
8:34 PM  

Love the new header! Looks like something I would draw!

You are going to love Ice Age--and with the treats I'll give you at the 40-mile stop, you're sure to make a negative split!!!

Lora said...
5:15 AM  

Nice, Travis - this 50 miler sounds outstanding. I have not run past 26.2 myself, so I am looking forward to hearing more about this race.

Matt said...
7:48 PM  

Like the new look and baby countdown.

Is Ice Age this weekend??? In that case good luck!

Ryan said...
3:24 PM  

I like to new blog look as well!! Can't wait to see how you do at Ice Age! Keep it up!

Jenn said...
3:44 PM  

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