Gear recap and pics from IceAge 50

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I always like to hear what products people are using, so here is a quick gear recap of what I wore/used for Ice Age 50 mile trail run.

Shoes - Montrail Hardrocks

Socks - Smartwool UltraLight Mini Crew

Shorts - Race Ready LD

Shirt - North Face Flight Tank

Nike running cap

Perl Izumi Arm Warmers

Hydration/Nutrition - Ultimate Direction Access and Fast Draw Plus

Just Plain GU's




Start Line


Looks like I have my game face on


I always throw in a thumbs up


Closing in on the finish


Crossing the finish


Post race sit-down

Posted by Travis at 8:17 AM  


I have the same arm warmers and I love them!

Sherpa John said...
8:45 AM  

I was going to ask you about your gear - thanks for postings!! I was especially wondering what you use for hydration. I have a Nathan hand held and I don't like it too much so I was looking to try something else.

what did you do with the arm warmers when you got warmed up?? were they small enough to stuff in a pocket??

Jenn said...
3:18 PM  

Nice recap - cool pics. Congrats on your great finish.

Matt said...
8:31 PM  

Great pics and thx for sharing the gear list..GOOD STUFF

How do u like the Hardrocks? Did you get a pair of Continental Divide's yet?

Ryan said...
10:19 PM  

Good job on your 2nd 50-miler. You're getting better at it.

Ben, aka BadBen said...
10:00 AM  

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