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Friday, April 27, 2007

I have not posted since my race report and thought I needed to get something out.  There's lots on my mind after McNaughton.  Just a few things to say and report on.  I could probably do 3 short post or so, but I'll go ahead and just throw down on this post.

1. The big news first... I'm going to be a dad!  Whoohoo!! The due date is October 16th.  We are really excited.  Not sure if its a boy or a girl yet.  We'll be finding out in about a month and then I get to start painting the nursery.  We've been married almost 4 years and dated for quite a while before that (High school sweethearts.. don't puke. LOL!!).  I think my parents and hers were beginning to think we were not going to have any, so needless to say there were very excited when we told them. They never saw it coming!

2.  Post McNaughton...  Mileage has been low since then.  I wanted to make sure to get some good rest in before hitting too hard.  I did that after Psycho Wyco and ended up injured.  I always learn something new at these things and lessons from this one are..

  • Go out faster.  I ran a negative split on my last lap and need to be going out a little faster up front.  I'm not looking to blaze anything, just a bit faster out of the gate.
  • More electrolytes. I'm pretty sure I was hyponatremic I was going to the bathroom way too much and my hands were puffy.  I'll be adding E-caps to my arsenal at IceAge 50.  Its supposed to be warm this weekend, so that will good testing ground for them.
  • Continue having fun, meeting new people and enjoying the experience.  These events are awesome.  The community is great and I am really lucky to be a part of it.  Thanks to everyone out there that keeps up their blog and comments on mine!  It really helps push me.

3. Getting ready for IceAge 50.  As I mentioned above, no huge mileage for the month, but I've got in some quality runs and plan on some good one for the weekend.  I put in a 10 miler at about a 9 minute pace last Saturday, then headed to Redmond, WA for work on Sunday through Wednesday night.  The weather was beautiful, but unfortunately I did not have any time to get anything in except for some weights on Monday.  AND  I had a blow out in my shoes and never made it to the local Montrail dealer.  I was able to get 4 in last night after work with Augie (picture below)  We had a good faster paced run together in the rain.  He set a 4 mile PR - 30 minutes!!! and that included a few bathroom breaks for him!


Augie after our run.  Still a little tired, but always ready to go again 

Enjoy your weekend.  I don't know what its looking like in your area, but here in the mid-west it's sunny skies and warm temps.  Get out there and enjoy it if you can.

Posted by Travis at 10:51 AM  


there's something addictive and intriguing about the thought of running sooo far!! I'm already eyeing a local trail 50K they have in these parts April of next year (they have a 50 miler as well) .... that is if I survive my first marathon this Fall :)

and of course we've had this discussion, but congrats on the lil' Trav on the way. You guys are gonna be great parents!!! :)

Jenn said...
11:39 AM  

Hoorra for a baby coming!!! October is a great month to have babies:)
As for E-caps - consider S-caps (Succeed!), you need fewer of those during a run.

olga said...
2:39 PM  

Hi Travis - it is great to read about your ultra running. I will be checking in to read more about your training.

Matt said...
9:02 AM  

Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family..

Hopefully I will see you at ICE AGE, I'm a little injured so say "HEY" when you pass me on the course..

I do think the Ultra Community is pretty great.

Congrats again and the PR for the dog as well.

RunBubbaRun said...
12:09 AM  

Congratulations father-to-be and welcome to parenthood ;-) Enjoy the journey & I wish you both the best!

Favorite quote:

I was a much better parent before I had children. - Anonymous

Ryan said...
8:27 PM  

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