McNaughton Park Trail Conditions, T-minus 1 week

Monday, April 09, 2007

I headed up to Pekin, IL to McNaughton Park on Saturday morning to get a look at the trail and remind myself what I am in for on the 14th. I met my friend Howard, who will also be running the 50, at Starbucks around 8:30. It was 28 degrees outside. We drank some coffee, talked a bit about our training a bit, then headed out.

We got to McNaughton Park and stepped out of the car and got blasted with about 25 MPH wind. We hurried up getting ready and took to the trail to get out of the wind. The trail is in pretty good shape. Most of the trail is dried out and packed down. There are a few very muddy spots, some very slick down hills with little or no traction, and a few spots of standing water in various parts of the trail.

Below are some pics I took along the way, just to give an idea of what to expect this weekend. I hope it sheds a little light on the course for those who have not traveled to the great mid-west!! :)



And Webegin

initial decent into trail


Flat area around a field


early climb

First Water Crossing

first water crossing (looking back across). you would be running the opposite direction this pic was taken.

Rope Hill_2

this climb will have a rope to assist race day


part 2 of the rope climb, once you are at the top of hill using the rope, you move to this section for a little more gain


what goes up must come down, this is the backside of the rope climb


some flat area to make up some time


Howard "surfing" down a very slick section

Second Water Crossing

Second water crossing


climb after water crossing

The weather is supposed to be in the 50's this weekend, which will be a welcome change over last years records heat and the record lows we experienced this weekend. I have posted more pictures which can be seen here. Also on the McNaughton site, they have been tracking trail conditions for the last few month from the perspective of Courage the dog, who's been giving frequent updates.

Have a great week and I look forward to meeting some new folks and seeing some familiar faces!

Posted by Travis at 11:28 AM  


I hope it is at least 50. Damn, it's been cold. I liked the high warm temps last year. See you there. 17F this morning. Brrr.

Julie B said...
12:02 PM  


You're first 100?


Ben, aka BadBen said...
9:19 AM  


This will be my first 50. 100 will happen either late this year or next season.

Travis said...
9:49 AM  

Enjoy, Travis! Hope the weather is good, and the water is bearing:)

olga said...
2:06 PM  

Good luck out there Travis

Have a happy 50!

Ryan said...
3:30 PM  

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