Endurance 50 begins tomorrow

Saturday, September 16, 2006

50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days has been done by Sam Thompson already, so to think that 2 people would want to do this is crazy (or highly motivated depending on your point of view).  Sam ran for Katrina awareness and Dean Karnazes is running for Karno's Kids, a charity to encourage youth to get outside and be active.  Both are good causes so I'm not going to pit one against the other or anything like that.  I just think its great that people are using fittnes as a way to bring attention to good causes.  I know there is a lot of negativity around Dean out there in the Ultrarunning community(I am a fan though) and Im not writing any of this to convience anyone one way or another.  I'm just glad that ultrarunners are using their skills to get the word out about something positive.  Huge credit goes to Sam and his crew for completing the task and good luck to Dean and his crew as your journey begins!!!! 

Since the Endurance 50 kicks off right down the road from my house, I decided to get in on it.  I am running in the Lewis & Clark marathon.  This will be my first marathon and 2nd longest run next to McNaughton.  I have not really been training out-right for a marathon, but I trained pretty hard all summer for my international distance trialthon and ran a 20 miler as a measuring stick last weekend so I should be good.  My Itband has been a bit of an issue, but I'm not out there to set records, just to finish and use this as a long workout for my ultra training.  It's going to hurt, no doubt, but that's what it's all about!!

My father-in-law is running too.  This is his first marathon and a warm-up for Chicago in October.  I'll get some pictures pre and post race and maybe my wife can snap one of me and my father-in-law during the race.  I won't be moving too fast so she should be able to get it done. :)

-Keep Moving Forward!

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Good luck at the marathon. Make sure you keep a smile on your face for all the cameras that are sure to be out there!!

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