Chicago Triathlon Pics

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Here's a collection of pics from the race.

10 minutes before my wave starts

That's me in the pink cap.. had a rough start Im back on track here.

Staying Aero. Averaged close to 21 mph for the bike leg.

averaged 7:32 minutes/mile

Big Finish!! 2:48:04

Post race photo with some friends. From the left Bob, Tim, me, Dan
Bob and Tim did the sprint distance, Dan and I were in the International.

Posted by Travis at 10:23 PM  


nice pics for what sounds like a fabulous race!

Ya ready for this weekend?? I have a friend running the half as well but I told her I have no delusions of "running" the whole thing. One of the nurses last night just did a 1 hr 28 minute half mary over Labor Day and was giving me advice ... which is funny because I could only be that fast in my dreams! :)

Jenn said...
7:43 AM  

You look real strong in the pics! Great job!

Real men wear pink!

Lora said...
6:40 AM  

Great pictures!

Reen said...
9:59 PM  

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