10 days until first tri of the season

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its been a while since I posted last so I figured I would get something out here so that my loyal readers (all 2 of you) would not think I was missing :)

Wolf Creek Sprint Triathlon is coming up June 10th - .25 Mile Swim, 10 Mile Bike, 3 Mile Run. Wolf Creek was the first triathlon I ever did and I am returning to see how I have improved. Plus, its a nice event with good scenery and it's was well organized. Last year I finished in 1:23:18. I'm hoping to improve on all the times this time around. Ideally, I'd like to finish the swim portion in under 10 minutes, average 18+MPH on the bike and under 8 minute/mile on the run. I am considering this a "C" race, so if I dont hit those I won't be too upset, but I think they are reasonable goals.

My "B" race is the IronAbe in mid-July and my "A" race is the Chicago Triathlon in the end of August.

Below are some pics from the 2005 race. I'll update after the 2006 event with some new ones.

After the swim.. I'm not in last, but close :)

Made up some ground on the bike. This year's
bike portion is 10 miles, last year's was 11.

Posted by Travis at 9:09 AM  


Whew you're still alive! Don't worry the two of us again like that!! ;)
Good luck at the tri...no doubt you'll do much better than last year! Don't forget the camera.
You got into the Chicago Triathlon?? Awesome! It was totally filled up when I tried. You're gonna love it!!

Lora said...
2:52 PM  

I'm glad that you're thinking of your fan club/audience - we want to be informed :)

I'm sure you'll see quite a difference in this year's times as opposed to last year's, not to mention that sweet new bike should DEFINITELY help your bike split!!

Jenn said...
10:30 PM  

Good luck, Travis. I know you're going to obliterate last year's times. If I don't see you before the race, good luck. Be sure to give the "thumbs up" in at least one of your pictures for me. You know I love that gesture.

John said...
8:35 AM  

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