Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Exercising is a very primal act. It's you running down a road, swimming in a pool/lake, or riding down the road on a very simple mode or self-propelled transportation. Of course you can make it very technical by; wearing a GPS enabled watch, have super high-tech wicking garments, motion control shoes, aero bars, the list goes on and on. The basics of it are that it is you and your body out to make itself better. I use exercise to get away from the day-to-day grind, the so-called "Cubical Ecosystem," but I use a lot of technology when I do it. My job title is "Technical Specialist" so you know I love that stuff.

So what's the new technical stuff I found that has to do with endurance sports? I recently started listening to Blogcasts. You may have heard them called "podcasts." You don't have to have an Ipod to listen to them, it can be any portalbe media device, or even just listen to them on your computer, so I will refer to them as Blogcasts to keep it generic. A Blogcast is basically a recorded blog entry that you can download and listen to on a MP3 player.. I found one the other day when I was looking to register for a local triathlon. The site is its got some great stuff on there for training, eating, and all kinds of triathlon related information. Through thier blogcast, I found So check them out!! Great stuff for listening to on the run..literally!!

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Darn....wish you posted this before Mom's Day so I could have begged the kids for a skinny ipod! Thanks for sharing this--very cool stuff!!!

Lora said...
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I prefer music beats...but how cool that you finished your first 30 miler! Welcome to the family, come more often, your toes don't look that bad yet:)

olga said...
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