Sunday, March 04, 2007

I wish I could say that I had a blow out training month in February, not the case. After Psycho Wyco, I had a pretty easy week of about 27 miles. No speed work or anything like that, just easy miles. My ITband is a little sore and I have not wanted to push too much. I think running in the 5 inch deep snow may have aggravated my ITB since the terrain was so varied. Add that to the 20+ MPH winds we have had here and my Feb was a bust. I guess I'll call it a resting month. The weather looks good today so I am headed out to get in some miles on the trail.

McNaughton is about 6 weeks out. I'm nervous because I have not been able to get in the mileage that I wanted, so I'm going to try to have a strong March and go into the event healthy. Over trained and injured or under trained and healthy?? A question for the times.

Posted by Travis at 9:16 AM  


February just wasn't a good month for training. I basically threw up my hands and called it a recovery month because I was stressing out trying to force my runs.
Best to you for smoother sailing the rest of the year.

Sam said...
8:02 PM  

I think February was a bust for everyone...a rest month it is....it's a short month anyway. Let me know when you're in KC.

Caleb said...
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