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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was athletically depressed. I looked at the calendar and McNaughton was 6 weeks away and my aching ITband was only letting me get in minimal miles before I came to a hault. What to do? Rest? Call off the event? Push though and risk injury? I hated being in this position. I searched the web for as many ITB resources as I could find and came up with a plan to stretch, ice, and slow down and cut mileage.

The latest copy of Ultrarunning Magazine showed up in my mailbox and within the first few pages there was some information on training while injured. Take an NSAID (aspirin) and ice before the run. Go out and put in some miles going slower and cutting down on the amount of time on my feet. Then ice again afterward. I tried this and was able to get in a good 5 slow miles without too much discomfort, but this issue was still there and had I gone much further or faster I would have had to stop.

I also took a trip to the Chiropractor, something I had never done before. First off when I told her that I run ultras, she was really interested and excited to help. I told her my symptoms and she immediately went to work on me. Pulling on my legs, twisting me around and so on. She said that my right hip was higher then the other and that because of that my left leg was traveling farther and potentially causing the issue. So she worked on me for a while longer, doing some "needle less acupuncture" and some other things that seemed like smoke and mirrors to me. She thought that I was "curable" and gave me hope that I would be in shape to run mid-April. I got looked over again and was told that my hips were equal and to get some miles in over the next few days to see how things felt. She also has a massage therapist and a physical therapist on staff that might get involved to correct the issues that are causing the ITB strain if needed. I was told to take the night off and drink lots of water because I would be sore. I must have given her a funny look, because she said "Trust me, I did a lot." Sure enough, I am sore. I feel like I would a few days after I did a hard run with lots of hills. Not sore to the touch, but just recovering muscles kind of tired.

This morning, I got up early, ate a bit, did some work stuff, iced and took off for a short 4 miler at just under an 8 minutes pace. I felt great. There were no signs of the normal issues I would have with my ITB early in the run. There was a slight feeling in that area around the end of the run, but less then what I usually experience. I'm sure there is still some swelling in that area from before, so I know it will not just magically go away, but this gave me some hope that was not there on Sunday!!!! I am traveling today, so I will hit the treadmill for 6 or so tonight to see how things are holding up and to be able to report back to the dr. on Friday with how things went to see what the next steps are.

Keep hope alive!!!!

Posted by Travis at 1:15 PM  


I'm so glad you found a good chiro! It's definitely not smoke and mirrors - my good buddy Rob is one (and does acupuncture) and his brother is a big time marathoner and has a practice in STL. I'm all for the alternative healthcare, much better than meds to mask the pain. One of the gals in our running club got a cortisone shot before the Little Rock Marathon and ended up with a stress fracture from the race.

Jenn said...
6:43 PM  

Travis, good chyro are good. I'll keep hoping for you:) Only thing is, according to Dr. Lisa Bliss (an ultrarunner and a sportmedicine doctor, an official doctor for WS100 and Badwater) one should warm up the injured area before the run and ice after. Scott Jurek recommended me the same when coached me.
Lets' bring that race on!

olga said...
10:37 AM  


Who am I to not accept advice from, Scott Jurek, Dr. Lisa Bliss and you?!?! :) Thanks a bunch!

Travis said...
11:02 AM  

Yeah, don't knock Chiro and accupuncture. I've had good results with both. Just don't go overboard and go as much as "they" would like you to go - use it as a once-in-a-while treatment only, not as a prophylactic treatment.

Warming the muscles prior to running helps a lot. Also, I never stretch before running...only after.

Ice baths after an ultra event are great. For more info:

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Ben, aka BadBen said...
12:08 PM  

Ben, I was not knocking it, it was just foreign to me. I feel a lot better now then I have the last few weeks. I just thought it would be more poking, pulling, popping and cracking then it was, maybe next time :)

Travis said...
4:16 PM  

Go jump in the lake! You know...instead of an ice bath! And get out that beloved foam roller! Wisconsin is waiting!!!

Lora said...
12:52 AM  

Using a roller helped my ITB problem a lot. Since I started using a rollerto "release" my IT BAnd, I really haven't had many problems with it.

10:51 PM  

It looks like you're healing up, good deal! Yeah the foam roller works wonders for me too! I hope all is well still!

Caleb said...
12:35 PM  

I see that you're registered for the 50-Miler at PCT!
I am, too.
I've run that race before, and it's a peach. You'll love it...not as tough as Psycho WyCo, but much more scenic.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Ben, aka BadBen said...
10:04 AM  

howdy...i enjoy your blog.

mind if i link to it? looks like you have a bunch of good tips in there.

keith said...
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