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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sorry Ryan, I meant to get this done earlier.

1) Find nearest book
2) Name book and author
3) Turn to page 123
4) Go to 5th sentence and copy the next three to blog
5) tag 3 others

1)This is not my book, its my wife, but it says "closest"

2)Broadway Musicals - The 100 Greatest Shows of All Time by Ken Bloom & Frank Vlastnik


4)"Kay Medford (here with Jack Carter) replaced Pat Marshall shortly after the opening of Mr. Wonderful, also staring future Bye, Bye, Birdie start Chita Rivera

5) I hate to call anyone out, so if you happen to read this post and have not done this before... give it a whirl.  If you're one of the first 3 to post, you win something from somewhere :)

Posted by Travis at 7:09 PM  


I love playing these games! I'll post... if only I had more blogger friends :)

BTW- you KNOW you love Broadway musicals, you big old show whore

Jenn said...
7:38 PM  

the roof rack is being installed today :)

Jenn said...
11:21 AM  

Broadway musicals huh Travis! Good stuff!

Have a nice weekend...

Ryan said...
9:39 AM  

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