Western States 100

Friday, June 23, 2006

This weekend marks the 33rd annual Western States 1oo. The WS100 is one of the oldest ultra's in the world and is a big event in the ultra running scene. To quailify you have to meet one of the requirements below, so you can't just sign up for this one.

a) 50 miles in under 11 hours
b) 100 kilometers in under 14 hours
c) completion of any OFFICIAL 100-mile trail race

My ultimate goal is to complete the WS100 in 24 hours. After I finished the 30 at McNaughton in April, I decided that I would step up next year to the 50 miler and try to complete it in the 11 hour time frame. Even if I quailify for WS100, I most likely will not run there in 2007. I just do not think I will be ready for that event in a years time, but finishing McNaughton in less then 11 hours is a top sports related item for me.

If you are interested in "watching" the progress of any of the runners at the event this year, go to the Start List and click on a runners bib number to follow their progress. Just a few names to watch with links to thier bibs as well as thier blogs or websites;
Catra Corbett - 140
Dean Karnazes - M7
Tim Twietmeyer - 11

Good luck to all the runner!!!

-Keep Moving Forward

Posted by Travis at 10:38 AM  


I can almost see the drool in your post ... the "man, I REALLY want to do this!" kindof drool :)

Nothing makes quite the fashion statement like a big-ass silver belt buckle!!!

Jenn said...
2:30 PM  

We'll be clicking on your name in 2008. And watching you get there!! Go for it!!

Lora said...
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