It's a hot S.O.B. out there!

Monday, June 18, 2007

It has warmed up here in the good ol' Midwest.  We were headed to my parents to celebrate Father's Day and I decided that I would just take off, head towards our destination, and have my wife pick me up on the way.  I left the house a little after 7 am and stuck to the local paved trails as long as I could before I got out on the road.  I ran past a bank around 8 and the temp already read 90 degrees.  I made my way to Old Route 66 and just kept chugging along, sweating profusely.    I had a bandana unfolded on top of my head and my visor pulled over that to keep the sun off the top of my head and neck. People driving by had to think I was nuts....which I suppose makes sense when you look at the majority of people would do their best to avoid the situation I wanted to be in.  I got in just over 19 miles before my wife came by honking.  I would have liked to gone a bit further, but being that I have not done much heat training yet and I was 100% exposed to the sun with no shade in sight, I'd say it worked out just right.

run on Rt. 66

a belated Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!!!

Posted by Travis at 3:53 PM  


Happy soon to be a Father Father's Day to you!! And yes, I'm sure you were quite a site for rural Illinoisians enjoying their car's air conditioning as you're running along the road :)

Jenn said...
12:08 PM  

To me that sounds like a nice relaxing father’s day ;-) I like the pics are you training for Badwater? The stuff our wife’s have to deal with!


Ryan said...
9:17 PM  

thanks Jenn... it was funny just looking at people's faces as they drove by.

Travis said...
9:30 PM  

Ryan, No, I'm not training for Badwater.. though its funny that somehow that idea does not seem so bad. :) I have a great wife, no doubt about it!

Travis said...
9:31 PM  

You really did look like you were training for badwater. If you were pulling a tire behind you then "No Doubt"

Great job out there in the heat...

Just think of it next year you will be getting fathers day card with some writing that looks like gibberish..

RunBubbaRun said...
10:38 PM  

Dennis, Hmm.. pulling a tire, thats a possibility. I'm really looking forward to seeing that father's day card.

Travis said...
1:29 PM  

I am with Ryan and don't want to sound repeat, but it does look like you're very well on your way at Badwater...or at least in training:)

olga said...
5:26 PM  

Olga, the Badwater thing is great, but there is one major thing missing.. elevation gain. I think there was only about 200ft gain in 19 miles :) But is was close to 100 by the time I finished up, so I'll take the heat training.

Travis said...
8:26 PM  



Sherpa John said...
10:24 PM  

Just bought the Nathan Speed 1 for Vermont 100.....thanks for the great review below..What’s on tap lately?

Ryan said...
9:13 AM  

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