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Monday, February 05, 2007

Its been a good 2007 so far. I'm on a pace to cover just under 2000 miles on foot this year assuming in the next 11 months everything is still running smooth. A tall order I know, but I'm optimistic. My frequency of runs will drop after McNaughton 50 to move my concentration towards triathlon, but I'll extend my runs throughout the week and a long run on Sunday to keep the mileage up. I'm still trying to find what my threshold is for mileage. I'm right at a year for this long distance running, so I'm still figuring out how much and how often without injury or huge impact on family life. 150 miles in January worked well. No huge issues with the exception of some ITB soreness. That ITB thing maps back to me experimenting with different shoes, so I should have just stayed with what has been working. I've just got this thing about new shoes!!!

It's been COLD here and from the looks of it, its been cold everywhere except in the west. Of my 150 miles last month only about 15 were on a treadmill. I feel good that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting the miles in regardless of the elements. I was listening to a podcast of Ironman great Peter Reid on EndurancePlanet.com (October 26th) and there was a quote he stated that really stuck out. I don't remember it exactly, but it went something like...."when you are out on that 112 mile bike leg and you start questioning yourself if you can go on, you better have answered that question in training already." That is a great thing to think about and why I have been getting outside whenever I can. When I'm out on a course during the 2007 year, dragging and hitting that mental wall, I can think back and say to myself, "remember when it was 4 degrees out and your headphones froze to your stocking cap? You've been in worse then this, now get moving"

icicle that formed on my hat during my Saturday run

I'm going to "taper" a bit this week for Psycho Wyco. Im still looking to get in some miles early this week, then take a few days (Thursday/Friday) off before Saturday. I'll hit the gym today and pilates tonight. I know general recommendations say to avoid weights the week of a race, but It always makes my legs feel better and seems to remove stress from my ITB, so one workout early this week should allow for ample recovery time as well as a better mental state knowing I got some weights in.

With that, I've got some travel this week with work so probably my last post until my race report from Psycho Wyco. Enjoy your week and try to stay warm!

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Nice pic! That's too funny the icicle thing happened to me this weekend too. I’m really looking forward to spring. Looks like you’re right on target with your motto “keep moving forward”

Have a great race this weekend!

Ryan said...
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Have a good race this weekend!
Run smart (i.e. push hard but avoid injury!)

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