Change of plans...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I had originally plannned on running in the "Dude, Where's the Trail?" 50k fun run in Blue Springs, MO tomorrow. My cousin who was going to run it with me had something come up and was unable to go. I decided since he was out that I was going to skip 7 hours of driving and a night in a hotel by myself. However, I will be running my planned mileage tomorrow in the "Tryptophan 50k." I'll be the lone runner in this self created run. It will take place on and around the Cross Country trail at SIUE. Its going to be roughly 5 miles per loops, so I will use my trunk as the aid station.

Results and pictures to be posted after all runners have finished. :)

Posted by Travis at 10:20 PM  


Good luck Travis! Stay focused, push your limits and I think you have a real shot at winning your gender age group.

rundog said...
12:09 PM  

This is great! We runners are one craaaaaazy group! Will you give yourself a medal at the end????

Lora said...
12:05 PM  

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