What do you think about when you are on the road?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

One question I get a lot is "When you are out for a long run (or bike), what do you think about?" I guess the answer is everything and nothing. Sometimes I will be really focused on climbing up the next hill or keeping a constant pace. Other times, I think about family that has passed, especially my grandpa (the reason for my bull tattoo on my bicep). I think about my wife and our life together. Sometimes I find that 20-30 minutes have passed and I don’t remember thinking about anything at all. One thing I do my best not to think about is work. That is why I do what I do; its to get away from my cubicle "ecosystem" and escape to a place that is my own.

So I pose the question - "What do you think about during you long excursions?"

Posted by Travis at 7:45 PM  


"Everything and nothing" is a perfect summary for me too. It's why I can't listen to music when I run...I just have so much going on in my head that I don't want to be distracted, except by Mother Nature..she can interrupt anytime.

My thoughts are about what I'm dealing with at that point in my life, the people I have in my life. Sometimes I find my eyes tearing up and I'm gasping for air a bit when I think of my Dad who just passed, the struggles I've imposed on my kids thru my divorce and the amazing strength my Mom has shown me this past year.

By the end of each run, tho, I've made peace with myself. It's why I run....the gift it gives me is me.

Lora said...
7:54 AM  

Sex, chocolate, Is my butt jiggling?, Are my thighs too big?, Will I make it to the finish?, Who is that... is someone staring at me?...shall I go on... :-)

So...out of curiosity, if I may ask, (but don't feel obligated to answer, because we hardly know one another :-)...what's the bull have to do with you grandpa?

I have a butterfly tattoo that I only got because of my grandma. Wonder if our stories are similar? hmmm...

Running Rabbit said...
5:13 PM  

Ahh...that was sweet. I love touching stories like that. Meaningful tattoo's are the best.

Have a nice weekend!

Running Rabbit said...
5:33 PM  

I would agree with what you wrote. It's little thoughts and nothing at the same time. I definitely consider long runs as my meditation type of thing.

olga said...
2:35 PM  

My excursions aren't as long ... but I NEVER think about work either. Usually lots of where is my life going, what goals do I want to set and how am I going to achieve them. I do like to listen to podcasts when I'm running somewhere safe (i.e. not on the road).

Jenn said...
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